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Photography, Life, and Other Stuff

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sneezypb. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Imagine a huge teddy bear of a guy with glasses and an adorable geeky nervousness. I have pretty much always and still read tons. My favorite topics are computer games, history, philosophy, sci-fi/fantasy and politics. I sneak religion, cosmology, and architecture into my reads. New things are my passion, so I am constantly acquiring and digesting information. It also means computer stores and good bookstores are like black holes which suck everything out of my credit card. Oh, I have no less than 5 books on my current reading list, music playing, the TV playing, web surfing, and an IM session going. I occasionally work on my web site (www.ezrasf.com) and blogs.

My family members are all great people that I am lucky to have in my life. I really like the few

More complete info is available at my web site under the About Me link.

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